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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gay's Days, October 22, 2014

Columbus Texas

One day last week, hubby and I drove through Columbus Texas. This county seat town lies about forty-five minutes from our home. When we travel to Austin or San Antonio, we often stop for lunch in this quaint little city.  Many of the houses are historic landmarks, and the founders of the city had enough sense to leave gigantic, old trees and build roads around them. You'll find several roads such as the one in the picture in Columbus.

I once kept a diary of books I read with snippets about the novels and whether I would read them a second time. In my entry dated August, 2005, I reviewed My Mother's Daughter by Judith Henry Wall.  Perhaps the book has been updated because Amazon says it was published by Simon & Schuster (January 4, 2014),  and I read it in 2005. The book is not available on eBook.

I had to look up the title in my journal....I'm bad about remembering titles. Are you?

Never-the-less, I've never forgotten the story. Two sister, a photographer, makes photos of war zones in 1942. The other sister stays in Columbus. When the photographing sister returns to Columbus, she expects a child, but refuses to say who the father is. The sister who stayed in Columbus takes the child as her own. And the mystery begins.

In my notes, I've written, "This is an okay read, but I don't want to read it again." Having said that, let me hasten to say that I've never forgotten the story. When we drive though Columbus, I think of these two fictional sisters. The picture on the cover of the book resembles many of the homes in Columbus.

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Do you keep a book journal? For years I did, and I plan to go back doing so again. Finding forgotten books is easy with one, and knowing which ones you want to read a second time is priceless.
I'd love to hear the names of your favorite books. Do you read them over and over?  If so, why?
I love Janette Oke's book, Love Comes Softly. I read it from time to time. The sequels aren't as good to me as the original. I also loved the movie, but the book is better.
A splendid compliment came my way from a reader. She said she reads my books a second time. I think there's no better accolade than for a reader to tell an author that. I also think the author did a good job if a reader remembers a story.
I hope you will read my Sarah series, and please leave reviews. Readers are often afraid of reviews because they think they must recap the story. That's not necessary.  A simple, "I liked this book" will do.
Keep your smile handy! Pick up a book and read today!